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For All You Gear Heads . . .

featured equipment

  • Dolby Digital 569 Encoder
  • Dolby 562 Digital Decoder
  • Pro Tools|HD 5 Accel with 192 I/Os
  • Pro Tools|24 MIXplus with AV Option XL and Pro Control
  • Steinberg Nuendo 2.0
  • Sonic Solutions DVD Fusion
  • Lighthouse Digital 96 crosspoint (384 channel) AES/EBU digital router
  • tc electronic System 6000
  • Prism Sound Dream ADA-8 converter
  • Studio Technologies multi-channel surround monitor controller
  • THX certified monitors, subwoofers and amplification
  • Soundfield MKV with SP451
  • Otari MTR 90 III
  • Lexicon processing: 480L, 300L, PCM 70,PCM 80, PCM 81, PCM 91, LexiVerb,MPX1, Reflex, DC2
  • Eventide DSP 4000
                                                                         ...and a whole lot more

recording formats digidesign pro tools|hd5 accel with 192 i/o, digidesign pro tools|24 MIXplus with AV Option XL(64-track) with tdm, steinberg nuendo 2.6, fostex RD-8 time code ADAT, alesis xt ADATII, sony dsrv 10, jvc gr-dvm5, jvc br-s822u svhs editing recorder otari dtr-90t time code dat otari mtr 90iii (24-track) otari mx-55 tm (" half-track with center-track time code, 15 and 30 ips) otari ufc-24 aes/tdif/adat/pro-digi format convertor panasonic sv3500 dat, sony tcd d-10 pro dat software audio workshop tascam 122 mkii and mkiii (cassette) tascam 35-2b (" half-track, 7 and 15 ips) tascam 80-8 (8-track), tascam 40-4 (4-track), tascam da-88, tascam da30 mkii, adams-smith zeta iii audio/video/midi synchronizer/converter/emulator, roland sbx 80 smpte to midi converter, lighthouse DCA audio matrix digital switcher, lighthouse 96 crosspoint k series digital switcher, aardvark aardsync II, aardvark sync da dolby digital, prologic and multi-channel dolby digital 569 encoder, dolby 562 digital decoder, dolby surround tools digital encoder and decoder, sonic foundry dolby digital soft encode, lexicon dc-2 dolby/thx/dts decoder denon avr 2500 surround receiver computers pentium 133, pentium 500, pentuim 2.4 g, macintosh iici macintosh quadra 950 macintosh 9500/150  macintosh 9600/300 macintosh G4/450, macintosh G4/733, macintosh G4/twin gig, macintosh G5 2x2 gig signal processors almost every TDM plug-in for pro tools (more than 150), apogee ad-8000 with da card and video sync, apogee ad500, apogee da-1000e apogee ad1000e with uv22 and paqrat apogee master tools uv-22 plug-in, avalon 2044 opto compressor, avalon 2055 parametric eq, digidesign dinr, dpp-1, d-verb, samplecell tdm drawmer ds201 dual noise gate, eventide dsp-4000, kurzweil ksp8, lexicon 480l digital effects system, lexicon 300l digital effects system, lexicon lxp-5 multi effects processor lexicon pcm 70 multi effects processor, lexicon pcm 80 multi effects processor, lexicon pcm 81 multi effects processor, lexicon pcm 90 digital reverb, lexicon mpx1 multi effects processor lexicon reflex digital reverb lexicon vortex morphing effects processor, line 6 pod pro, line 6 bass pod pro, studer d19 multi-dac, millenia stt-1, sintefex fx2000, tc electronic system 6000 waves (all their plug-ins)  sound effects libraries cbs audio-file sound effects hollywood edge animal trax hollywood edge cartoon trax hollywood edge city track hollywood edge laughs, cheers and applause hollywood edge premiere edition hollywood edge the edge edition sound ideas sound effects library software sequencers (pc): cakewalk, cadenza, texture, prism studio vision for mac, digidesign protools with tdm cubase for atari st editor/librarians (pc): midi quest, sample vision, dart, waveconvert sound forge masterlist cd toast galaxy plus editors for mac, recycle, time bandit monitors Auratone Genelec 1030A, jbl lsr 25p KRK 6000 Snell 500THX 7-channel Surround velodyne 1800iiTHX subwoofers Westlake BBSM-6 Yamaha NS10-M Infinty minuette Surround system amplifiers by bryston microphones soundfield, neumann, akg, akg wireless, sennheiser, etc. john hardy m1 preamps, great river preamps, midas xl42 preamps video final cut pro, adobe after effects, adobe photoshop, aja i/o, lowel dv pro 55 light kit, panasonic ag-dvx100a, sony dsrv 10, jvc gr-dvm5, jvc br-s822u svhs editing recorder, sonic solutions fusion , dvd studio pro

                                                                                 ... and a whole lot more