K.K. Proffitt with JamSyncís at 109th AES Convention with Digidesign
Written by K. K. Proffitt   
Tuesday, 12 September 2000

(Nashville) K.K. Proffitt, JamSync’s Chief Audio Engineer, will be a featured presenter of Surround Technology at Digidesign’s booth at the 109th AES Convention in Los Angeles, September 22-25, 2000.  

Proffitt will be using material she created for JamSync’s Surround Effects and 5.1 FX production element libraries to demonstrate 5.1 mixing and production techniques.  Her presentations will be at Digidesign’s booth on the main show floor.  

“Pro Tools’ new 5.1 software with X/Y surround panning, the new surround metering system, Beat Detective and their Reverb One plug-in have given me great flexibility in composing original music for 5.1 delivery”, said Proffitt.  “I seldom use my racks of outboard processing gear anymore.  Our 5.1FX libraries were created using Pro Tools, my hardware racks of vintage synthesizers and virtual synthesizers from Koblo and Virus to create incredible sound and textures.”