K.K. Proffitt with JamSyncís at Digiworld
Written by K. K. Proffitt   
Thursday, 13 July 2000

(Nashville) K.K. Proffitt, JamSync’s Chief Audio Engineer, will be a featured presenter of Surround Technology at Digidesign’s Digiworld held in Nashville at Emerald Sound Studio J on July 20th.

Proffitt will be using material she created for JamSync’s Surround Effects and 5.1 FX production element libraries to demonstrate 5.1 mixing and production techniques. Her presentations will be in the surround sound room.

"Pro Tools 5.0.1 software and the new 5.1 plug-ins for panning and reverb from Kind of Loud have given me great flexibility in composing original music for 5.1 delivery", said Proffitt. "In addition to my racks of vintage synthesizers, I’ve been using virtual synthesizers from Koblo and Virus to create incredible sound and textures.