JamSync Makes Video Come Alive
Written by K. K. Proffitt   
Tuesday, 31 August 1999

JamSync took the audio from Tim McGraw’s "Something Like That" on his CD "A Place In the Sun" and turned it into a live concert performance sound track for McGraw’s new hit video. "Something Like That" is currently in heavy rotation on CMT.

"Our ProTools|24 MIXplus system with the new 5.0 software and AV hardware worked great for this job", said JamSync’s Chief Engineer KK Proffitt. "We transferred all our effects files, live camera audio and the CD’s audio into our system. Then we locked the video machine and ProTools to our Zeta 3 synchronizer, transferred the video and went to work. The new Pro Tools 5.0 software and AV hardware is incredible, we even had time to make the video Dolby Pro Logic compatible!"

"Our sound design, sweetening and acoustic simulation made the video’s soundtrack so believable that it fooled one of our friends, who is a very well known live concert recordist, said co-owner Joel Silverman. "We had live concert video footage of McGraw’s last tour (without sound) from Moo TV and the CD. Video director Scott Scovill put together this fast-paced video that pulled together shots from the tour of McGraw and his band performing the song. The audio had to be created to match the picture — the audience, the hand claps, the screams, the sound of the venue… everything."