JamSync gives seminar on surround audio to MTSU
Written by K. K. Proffitt   
Saturday, 05 December 1998

Over 25 of MTSU's recording school students attended a seminar on surround monitoring and mixing.

K.K. Proffitt, JamSync's chief engineer, demonstrated several different methods of monitoring, utilizing dipoles and direct surround speakers. She went on to demonstrate appropriate uses for the LFE channel and explained the advantages of a sub/satellite monitoring system in reproducing bass.

"Bass management is an area that is often over-looked", said Proffitt. "JamSync has created a very flexible system that allows us to check the low end in many different ways, including mono and stereo."

Proffitt then demonstrated encoding and decoding of Dolby Digital in real-time so the students could hear the difference between the original and the data-reduced audio.

JamSync specializes in producing and mixing multi-channel audio for surround.