5.1 FX

JamSync's 5.1FX series of five-channel Surround Effects and production music can make your audience sit up and take notice.

Send us your voice overs and we can assemble a complete five-channel sound track with surround effects and music for you and encode it into Dolby Digital (or most other formats such as ProTools Sessions, .WAV files etc. or MDM tape (ADAT or Tascam format)

We also offer a full range of our Surround Effects.  That's right, Surround Effects. You can download over 5 gigabytes of sound effects from our online shop.  Additionally, if you need a custom surround sound effect that you cannot find in our shop, please contact us. We will use our top of the line equipment to create any desired sound effect for a reasonable price.

Got two-channel audio?  No Problem, we have ways of making it into 5.1.