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JamSync Creates 5.1 Sound Track and Authors Royal Academy DVD PDF Print E-mail
Written by K. K. Proffitt   
Tuesday, 21 September 2004

(Nashville) JamSync has completed mixing the 5.1 soundtrack and authoring the DVD of the multiple award-winning documentary “The Royal Academy”, from Tony Cane-Honeysett’s Vox Box Productions (www.marycanehoneysett.com). Additional contributions included creating the menu music loops and converting the stereo source material to 5.1 and 5.0.Image

“The Royal Academy” is a documentary that follows the quest of Tony’s “Mum”, artist Mary Cane-Honeysett, to get her work exhibited in London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Art. It gives insight into how the Royal Academy chooses art for their exhibit and shows a very determined 74-year-old creating a new painting to enter into the competition, a challenge she has undertaken every year since 1965.

“We were able to take Cane-Honeysett’s original score and re-mix it into 5.1 for the film’s sound track and 5.0 for the DVDs menu loops”, said JamSync’s Chief Engineer, K.K. Proffitt. The 5.1 mix opened up the whole sound track. The dialog no longer had to share space with the music. It has much greater clarity compared to the stereo version.”

“The dialog gave us a real workout. We had dozens of locations as varied as the streets of London, small shop interiors, public transportation, the Royal Academy and rooms in Mary’s home. They had to work together with Tony’s voice over. You couldn’t imagine the diversity of background noises we had to minimize.”

“The Royal Academy was a labor of love”, said Tony Cane-Honeysett. “I was director, cameraman, sound guy, editor and music composer. But when it came to 5.1 and DVD authoring I needed to work with professionals who know their stuff. I’m so glad K.K. and Joel made this such an enjoyable, seamless process.”

“K.K. re-mixed the dialog and music tracks to a kick-ass 5.1 soundtrack. It sounded so amazing it made the picture look better!”

“There’s a lot more to professional DVD authoring than knowing how to encode. It’s about cool design ideas, seamless transitions and smart navigation. Thankfully, JamSync knows how to do all that stuff with apparent ease.”

JamSync is a full-service mixing, post production, DVD authoring and mastering facility for two-channel and multi-channel audio. The main mix/monitoring room is a full scale THX home theater. Featured equipment: Pro Tools Accel and Pro Tools AVoption XL, Nuendo 96K, Dolby Digital 562/569 decoder/encoder, Sonic Solutions DVD authoring, full complement of plug-ins and digital outboard effects from TC Electronic, Z-Sys, Eventide, Lexicon etc.

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