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JamSync creates 5.1 soundtrack for Zenith’s HDTV CES presentation PDF Print E-mail
Written by K. K. Proffitt   
Sunday, 02 January 2000

Nashville’s JamSync teamed up with Appleseed Productions’ Darren Stucker (Madison, WI) and HD Vision (Irving, TX) to create a state-of-the-art presentation for Zenith Electronics Corporation’s Consumer Electronics Show display.  The music was composed by Scott May of Happy Pig Kitchens (Chicago, IL).

The presentation uses a high-tech system with an HD Video deck synchronized to a separate High Resolution Audio deck playing back six discrete audio channels.

The seven-and-one half-minute HDTV video tells the story about how Zenith is well positioned to take a leading role in the future of home entertainment.

Stucker said Zenith wanted to produce an audio experience so compelling that it could be a complete work by itself while complementing the HD video.  JamSync’s Chief Audio Engineer KK Proffitt created a series of “sound paintings” to achieve this.

“One of our favorite parts was the creation of a distant thunderstorm moving up a canyon and then soaking the listener as it passed overhead and rolled on by”, said Proffitt.  “Darren had a great memory of being in a storm at the Grand Canyon and we wanted to make it real for him.  After scores of sound effects were layered and panned, we created the illusion of being there.  Darren asked for towel to dry the rain off his glasses.”

“Our ProTools AV  and ProTools|24 MIXplus system with the new 5.0 software  worked great for this job”, said Proffitt.  “It made it much easier to place hundreds of different sound effects and spot them to picture without having to wait for the video machine to rewind.  Kind Of Loud’s Smart Pan Pro allowed us to do complex moves under full Pro Tools automation.”

The discrete audio and a separate stereo mix were laid back to DA88 format for the show tapes.  A discrete audio as well as a Dolby Digital encoded version was laid back to DA88 format for HD Vision to work with.

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