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Think of all those exciting commercials on TV where the car is zooming across the screen - sound effects (called "sweetening") bring it to life. The music is cut to follow the picture and trigger the emotions. For example a shiny red sports car zooms into view to a heavy beat laced with crunch guitar chords. As the car zips up the mountain you hear the whoosh of tires as they bite the road, leaving a trail of dust. When the car reaches the top of the mountain you see a shot of the beautiful valley below and the musical fanfare that accompanies the picture signifies the freedom of the escape from the mundane world below.

Well-placed sound effects and re-arranging an audio clip or song can make all the difference. You can create a complex composition from bits and pieces that truly is greater than the sum of the parts. It takes lots of skill and most difficult of all - musical taste - to make it work. JamSync has the talent and special digital tools to put it together anyway you want, and make the magic happen.

Our state-of-the-art fully automated digital workstations, based on Digidesign’s ProTools and Steinberg's Nuendo use software from Waves, Apogee, Dolby and others to allow unprecedented flexibility in editing.

If your presentation uses pictures, a good audio track can make the difference between ho-hum and WOW!

Research has shown that information is more easily retained when accompanied by music and sound. This is the reason that training presentations and commercials use these audio elements instead of voice only.

Whether its a straight-ahead cross fade between two sections of audio, fixing an old voice-over by de-noising, time-compressing and equalizing it to match the new one or a full-blown movie soundtrack,  JamSync can make it happen.

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