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Time compression/expansion is the technology to change the rate of playback of the material without changing the pitch of the audio. If you make things go faster, the audio rises in pitch (Mickey Mouse). When you slow things down, the pitch falls (Darth Vader).

A lot of times you may want to change the speed of playback of the material so that it fits a specific time or you may want to run it faster to hold the listeners’ attention (studies have shown that playing back audio 5-10% faster increases the retention rate of the audience).

If you are a Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune fan, you have probably seen and heard time compression at work if the station carries the "Lottery Live" report in that time slot. Probably never noticed anything - it is a very effective tool.

JamSync can change the play back speed of your audio over a very wide range so that you can deliver a more effective message. 

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