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CD Mastering and Reference CDs PDF Print E-mail

Mastering is the art of taking a song, tweaking its tonal balance and loudness to make it clearer and more focused, then make it work as part of collection of songs on a CD.

If you are going to need hundreds of copies of the CD, it needs to be mastered. There are special parameters that need to be set to ensure that the disc will be able to be duplicated. JamSync can prepare your CD so that can be used as a master for high-volume replication.

Reference CDs are custom CDs that are representative of what the finished audio will sound like after it is replicated. Reference CDs are often used for presentations and special events where only a few copies are needed.

For presentations, you can make specific changes to the audio so that it will work best for that exact situation. You can change the tonal balance so that it will sound right on your speaker system, adjust the dynamic range so that the soft parts don’t get lost in the noise of the crowd and even edit the audio to meet special timing needs.

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