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Audio can come in many different formats from good old magnetic tape to computer files. New formats are constantly being created and old formats become obsolete and unplayable. We have the technology to convert your audio from almost any format to any other format.

Some of the formats we have:

Analog: 24 track, 8 track, 4 track, 2 track, cassette, micro-cassette

Digital: DAT, ADAT, TDIF,

Computer files: WAV, AIFF, SND, SMP, SVX, IFF, V8, VOX, IVC, AU, RA, SFR, AVI and more.

Tape Backup Formats:   DLT, Exabyte, Ecrix,

Optical Discs:  CD and DVD

Video:  BETA, VHS, SVHS, mIniDVCam, Laser Disc

Old recordings that are stored on tape or vinyl degrade over time. Dust, dirt, humidity and fluctuating temperature all take its toll on audio quality of the recording. Ticks and pops, hiss and noise in general that might have been present in the original also cause problems when compared the quality of today’s recordings.

JamSync has the software tools to rescue poor recordings and digitally clean them up. We can then archive them on special CD formulations so that they’ll be around for the next generation. 

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