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5.1 Channel Mixing: Discrete vs Upmixing PDF Print E-mail

Here's a little technical background on what the options are to create a 5.1 multi-channel mix. Basically, there are two ways to do it:

  • Go back to the original multi-track recordings and create a new 5.1 channel mix.
  • Use the existing CD, DAT or analog tape and using special upmixing techniques, create a 5.1 channel mix.

Method 1 allows you the greatest artistic freedom but also is the most time consuming and therefore more costly. All the tracks can be positioned and panned around the listening space. The mix time may be more than twice that of the two-channel version.

Method 2 is more cost-effective, but does not allow any repositioning of the original tracks. The sense of spaciousness and envelopment can be created. The results are very impressive. When comparing the original to the upmixed version, the listener almost always chooses the upmixed version as being the best sounding. Be aware that there may be certain recordings where this technique will not work. We can tell after auditioning the recording how suitable it will be for this process.

JamSync has been working on product development with Dolby, Digidesign, Lexicon and many other signal processing companies to help develop this upmixing technology. We can use the original master tapes or work from the released CD. Sometimes old master tapes become sticky and won't play. We have the equipment to recover old tapes (special baking ovens).

JamSync also has complete Dolby Digital and DTS encode/decode systems so you can hear what your product will sound like on DVD and the DTV digital TV broadcasts. We can master your music to get the best possible sound for this format.

We can talk to you about this for days, but the real proof is hearing it for yourself with your material. Let's set up a demonstration for you to hear the results of our proprietary upmixing. Come on by with your mix and we will do an "instant" demo of one of the tunes so you can experience what we are describing.

Give us a call at 615-320-5050 and we'll set up some time so you can hear for yourself.

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